Quality Excellence

Quality excellence is the basic idea behind our business success. Our daily objective is to satisfy our customers whom we are consider as associates. It is therefore, our policy to consistently provide products and services that will exceed the quality expectations of our customer, and to active pursue ever-improving quality through process improvement programs in order to enable each member to continuously improve the quality of the products. Quality was and will continue to be a major strategic growth factor in our company. It lies at the hard of everything we do. Through our daily Management procedures, we put our effort in providing products and services that will consistently satisfy the company’s main coals:

  • best quality,
  • low cost production
  • delivery on schedule.

Our successful Management is based on the process of involving all managers and staffs into the daily business projects with determination, enthusiasm and positive thinking, contributing in the evolution of the company.

By setting higher standards our commitments to our customers never end, therefore we insist in developing the specs of our products according to European standards and regulations (German Adler, TUV Product Service,) and we hold quality system  certificate ISO 9000/EN29000.