Management & Organization

The company in its current form was founded in 1991 and actually came from the conversion of the private company « MATEL OE» which was founded in 1984 by Matthew brothers. The administration practiced primarily by Mr. Matthew Gregory , Chairman of the Board and Mr. George Matthew, Managing Director, who are the main shareholder, holding 95% of the share capital.

The company's management is based on the concept of teamwork, sharing ideas and taking initiatives with a view to developing innovative high quality products tailored to market needs. The members of the Board together with the company's executives such as the Production Manager, the Head of Research and Technology, Chief Financial Officer and specialized freelancers (Solicitors, Engineers , Management Consultant ), define the business model for the company's growth , assessing all the important factors which will influence the evolution of business activities.

Company’s success story is based on customer perception as expressed through the identification of customer’s needs, continuous monitoring of technological developments and finally expressing them in the form of the products which are user friendly, reliable and affordable, ensuring a competitive position in a very demanding Telecommunications global market.