Business activities

Company’s main activity is the development, manufacture and marketing of electronic products focusing on complete Antenna, Terrestrial and Satellite solutions, for downloading and distributing television signals.

The company has a fully integrated production process starting from the primary stage of conception of an idea, product design, production and marketing, offering a comprehensive after sales support program.

Our dedicated technical team with many years experience in designing and developing our products is capable to provide any technical support to existing products and also to assist our customers with new innovated technologies.

The available mechanical equipment is part of a fully integrated production line (19 production lines) ensuring the quality for all of our products, always in combination with the certified production control procedures.

Among the main product’s catalogue can be found:

Amplifiers (central and individual )

Antennas, Satellite dishes 

Sockets TV ( for terrestrial and satellite systems)

Sockets telephone (C5 and ISDN)


OEM Products Custom Design ( electronic starters , professional dimmers , etc.)

PL Connectors

and more................